Department of Pharmaceutics of Oriental College of Pharmacy organized State level webinar on ‘Modified Excipeints: Adding Functionality to Excipients’ by Dr. Sameer Padhye, Deputy Manager Technical Services, Arihant Innochem on Saturday, 25th September 2021. The webinar was attended by undergraduate and M. Pharm. students, researchers, faculty and industry professionals. Principal, Dr. Sudha Rathod welcomed the guest speaker and thanked the speaker for sharing his valuable insights and also thanked the Co-ordinator, Dr. Mrs. Pradnya Palekar – Shanbhag, Professor & Head, Pharmaceutics Department and the Organizing Committee for taking an initiative to celebrate World Pharmacists Day thus organizing State level event for the pharmacy fraternity. Regarding the webinar, development of new excipients and their characterization is a costly procedure whereas modification of existing excipients is very easy, more economical and less time consuming. Novel drug delivery systems lead to the need for new excipients with varied properties. Development of excipients capable of fulfilling multifunctional roles such as enhancing drug bioavailability and drug stability as well as controlling the drug release according to the therapeutic need is one of the most important prerequisites for further progress in the design of novel drug delivery systems. The main focus of the webinar was on modified novel excipients that perform multiple functions in pharmaceutical formulations. The Principal, Coordinator and Organizing Committee thanked the Management for their strong support and motivation to organize such successful event.

Webinar Brochure titled Modified Excipients Adding Functionality to Excipients scheduled on 25th September 2021