Teacher’s Day Celebration was organized by the third year student council and was conducted in the seminar hall at Oriental College of Pharmacy on 5th September 2018. The seminar hall was greatly decorated and was admired by all .The event commenced at 12:00 pm. All teachers , Principal madam , non-teaching staff and students belonging to the 3rd and 4th year graced the event with their presence.

The event began on a very positive note . Firstly , Principal , Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Rathod gave a splendid speech about ‘Teacher’s Day’ , which was greeted by a grand round of applause. Followed by this was the striking cake cutting session. The entertainment section consisted of three performances , the first being a musical performance by Mr. Nilay Shah and Mr. Vineet netke. Second being a dance performance by Ms. Aasna Jaiswal. And lastly a stand-up comedy by Mr. Apurv Kanade. All performances were marvelous and were loved by all. Between each performance, spot prices were also being handed out. Lastly , the entire staff was provided with lunch. The event ended at 1:30 pm. A great response from all teachers and the non-teaching staff was received.