Blood Bank Visit – organised by the Student Exchange Office of IPA-MSB-SF, was held at Samarpan Blood Bank at Sarvodaya Hospital, Ghatkopar, Mumbai on 9th January 2018. Blood Bank Visit was attended by First Year Students and Second Year IPA members of Oriental College of Pharmacy.

The visit was informative, as a record of 52 students participated in it. It was a 2 hours visit which started at 04:00 p.m. Miss Poonam Pandey and her colleagues gave information about storage , equipments used , RDP , SDP , different blood groups , detail about rare blood group , information about blood , Information about Blood Donation , Procedure about Blood Donation , How Blood Is donated to the person , product packing , separation of blood products , labelling , demotions , colours used of denotations. One form was provided to the students including questions regarding blood, blood banks, blood composition, blood donation, etc. Blood Bank provided the pamphlet to students which contain contact details of various Blood Banks.

The seminar was informative. Question and answer session was held for students. Certificates were provided to the students who attended the BBV. Students gathered knowledge about Blood and it’s storage.


Prepared by:

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Rathod,
    Principal, Oriental College of Pharmacy
  • Imtiyaz Ansari,
    IPA Activities In charge