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In today’s highly competitive environment, an Oriental College of Pharmacy is primarily known and recognized by the intellect and conduct of its students. The definition and contours of conduct is subjective, however every institute sets benchmarks for its students as far as conduct is concerned. These benchmarks thus represent the expectations of a institute. These benchmarks are codified and translated into a broad set of guidelines known as Code of Conduct. Oriental College Of Pharmacy believes that behavior and character are two most important attributes of human personality and our code of conduct would go a long way in augmentation of these two attributes.

All the OCP students are expected to observe the set code of conduct as below
  • On the first day of college, the student has to attend orientation program with his/her parent so as to get detailed information of college and course. Importantly the ward and parent has to sign the Undertaking framed by the college comprising of Rules and Regulations of the University and College. The title of the course is Bachelor of Pharmacy, abbreviated as B.Pharm, is four year Degree course having semester pattern, where four years are divided into eight semesters as semester I & II (First Year B.Pharm), semester III & IV (Second Year B.Pharm), semester V & VI (Third Year B.Pharm) and semester VII & VIII (Final Year B.Pharm) A student has to attend 80 % theory and practical classes.
  • If the attendance is below 80%, the student may be detained by the College from theory and practical periodic examination and by the University from theory and practical semester examination. In case of any medical case, if health problem exists then only 5 % relaxation will be given (i.e. minimum 75% attendance is compulsory) provided a proper Medical Certificate issued by Medical Officer having minimum M. B. B. S. Degree is produced before commencement of periodic and / or semester exam, whatsoever is the case.
  • A student failing in not more than two theory and one practical heads of semester I & II shall be promoted to semester III. However, if student fails in more than two theory and one practical heads of semester I & II taken together then student will not be promoted to semester III. This pattern applies for III & IV and V & VI semester. A student failing in semester I, III, V & VII shall be promoted to next higher semester i.e. II, IV, and VI & VIII irrespective of the numbers subject heads in which student is failing.
  • A student will be considered as passed in the semester only when the student passes in all subject heads and obtain a minimum of 50 % of the aggregate marks.
  • If a student remains absent in either periodic theory test or periodic practical test then he/she will be given absent mark and no any retest will be conducted. The student has to write the class test and complete assignments in due course of time. Journals are required to be completed and get checked on the same day of the practical class.
  • The student is required to reach the college before half an hour. He/she can not leave the college before time as given in the regular time table. Identity card is compulsory to carry everyday without which the student will not get entry into the college. If any student damages property of college then he/she will be penalized by disciplinary committee of the college.
  • Use of mobile phone in college campus and examination hall is not allowed.
  • Dress code: For girl, dress above knee and singlet is not allowed.

Principal, OCP