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The chief Guests for the function were
Hon’ble Justice Mr. Sandeep Kashinath Shinde ( Justice, High Court of Bombay)
Hon’ble Dr. Vinaykumar Awate (Advisor to the Prime Minister-Ayush Yuva Govt of India)
Hon’ble Dr. Suresh Ukrande (Principal and dean faculty of Science and technology UOM)
Hon’ble Mr. Nikhil Junnarkar (Co-founder of Novospect Venture Pvt. Ltd).
Hon’ble Dr. Haidar-E-Karrar (Principal, Burhani College Byculla , Mumbai)
Hon’ble Dr. Ms. Karuna Gupta (Principal of Guru nanak college of education and Reserch.
The guest of honor for the function was Hon’ble Prof. Javed Khan (President Oriental Education Society, Ex Minister of education, housing and labor, Ex-Chairman CIDCO
Hon’ble Mr.Waseem Javed Khan (Managing Director, Oriental Education Society)
The Principals of OES Dr. Mrs. Sudha Rathod (Principal, Oriental College of Pharmacy), Prof. Raosaheb (Principal SCCT), Dr. Mrs.Ratani Thakur (Principal Oriental College of Education) Dr. K. G.Dawani (Director, OIM), Dr.P.Y.Gaonkar (Principal Oriental College of law) Presented annual report in function and shared all achievements of the Oriental Education Society in year 2018-19. They also highlighted the growth and vision of the OES.
Later, the chief guests threw light on many aspects of Oriental Education Society in their address. They congratulate all graduates for there achivement. They also motivate students on the aspects of importance Ethics in life, hard work and Team working abilities.

OES Convocation ceremony 2019 videos

Oriental College of Pharmacy & Oriental Pharma Alumni Association (OPAA) celebrated convocation ceremony and alumni meet on Thursday, 15th March 2018.

Oriental College of Pharmacy & Oriental Pharma Alumni Association (OPAA) celebrated convocation ceremony and alumni meet on Saturday, 25th February 2017.

Oriental College of Pharmacy & Oriental Pharma Alumni Association (OPAA) celebrated convocation ceremony and alumni meet on Saturday, 23rd January 2016.

GPAT & CMAT Qualified B. Pharm Final Year Students 2016.

Oriental college of pharmacy and Oriental Pharma Alumni Association was organized Convocation Ceremony and Alumni meet on 12th April 2014.

Student Name: Aisha F. Gaonkar

(Topper of the Batch: 2005-2009 )

Mobile No. 9833632848

Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change. This quote aptly describes the atmosphere of oriental college of pharmacy. My success story is only due to the supportive atmosphere and constantly motivating attitude of teachers.
What I am today is only the product of constant efforts and struggle put in by my college, teachers and me. I would like to specially thank Amjad Sir, for being a mentor and for constantly being supportive.

Student Name: Kaushik Kuche

Final year B. Pharm (Topper of the Batch: 2016 passed out and 2nd Rank holder Mumbai University )

PhD Research scholar
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali) (An Institute of National Importance, Government of India)
Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers,
Sector 67, S.A.S. Nagar – 160062, Punjab, India.
Mob: +91 7487051187

From years, Oriental college of pharmacy has been culturing some of the finest talent in the feild of pharmacy which is well depicted by the number of students qualifying GPAT each year. An amalgamation of knowledgeable and supportive faculties with encouraging work scenario at OCP helped me and other students to lay a solid platform to achieve excellence in the pharmaceutical field worldwide. The Institute not only focuses on academics but also provides a platform which helped me in getting an overall exposure to extracurricular activities as well. The seminars, expert lectures, workshops, industrial visits, etc. held here time to time helps the young mind to get in touch with the finest people in this field which in a way provides encouragement to them for building their brightest career ahead.
Kind Regards,
Kaushik Kuche

Student Name: Ms. Monika Bhalerao

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”– Maria Robinson

It was hard to start in a field in which I had no idea about the subject and my future in it. But one thing I always had in my mind was to excel yourself in whatever task you are put in. It began with OCP, I was fortunate enough to get admission in such institute where there is always a friendly relationship with the faculty members. Dr.Sudha Rathod maam being my Mentor was a mentor to each and everyone, the doors were always open for any questions that popped in our mind. The teachers have given us immense knowledge and support not only in our academics but also in our extracurricular activities. In OCP we not only had tensioned exams but also the annual fest GRAVITY gave each and every one of us to explore ourselves and enjoy the entire week to the core. I have passed out from such a great institute that makes me feel happy and proud.

Student Name: V.Eyaldeva

Final year B. Pharm

Change is the only constant thing in life. In my life change like studying in this institution is the most beautiful phase of life which I feel will be the precious one. After spending 4 years in the college now when I look back I see a change in myself from the time I entered to the time I am about to leave this beautiful environment. A change for my better future. Credits goes to teachers who moulds us into a good human being & build our confidence level for a perfect maneuver to reach our goals, also to the Principal maam who knew what‟s best for us & to our kind and helpful non-teaching staff. Major takeaway for me is „Knowledge‟, once said by my great proffessor “Knowledge never goes in vain. At some or the other point it will be applicable”. This institution has an endless support system, encouraged me at every point & most importantly people I met here like faculty members as well as friends are the best. Last but not least, „OCP‟ is the handsel and days here was the bliss of my life.

Student Name: AJAY RAIDAS

Final year B. Pharm

First of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about my Life Changing alma mater “Gurukul” -Oriental College Pharmacy.

Now, I can speak with confidence and immense happiness that my life is truly changed by the quality education and knowledge, I gained from the extremely talented and research oriented professors (GURU’s) of Oriental college of pharmacy.

I have learnt a lot from my faculties, which cannot be expressed in some words, though, I would like to say, teachers are “not like”, in fact they are our second parents, I remember whether it is overwhelming support for understanding course of subjects or path of life OR going out of the way for helping in acquiring notes, books and many more; I’m thankful to them till my last breath.

My journey with OCP was enriched manifold by your presence, Teachers!

At the end, I would like to thank OCP for providing the family of scholars and lifelong friends who will always come back home to OCP and I will always owe my success to my Teachers, non-teaching staff and my College.

Best Wishes.

Student Name: Shefali Dobani

Final year B. Pharm

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. This proverb has been a career enhancing one. It was my own will to pursue Pharmacy and OCP paved a way out to explore my knowledge in this field.

“Where ever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity”. This principle is being followed so well in OCP. The highly experienced teaching faculty maintain a student friendly environment and support students at every step. Morever, our Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Rathod Ma‟am and the teaching faculty encourage and motivate the students for participating in various extra-curricular activities and competitions which help the students develop a sense of confidence and built overall personality. This institution believes in excellence and serves a great platform in serving the knowledge of Pharmacy in the best way to all the students.

The overall journey of four years in OCP had been amazing and memorable one. As I set out to fly higher in the sky in search of newer boundaries, I believe the knowledge gained at OCP will be that “Wind beneath my wings” which will help me reach out to newer skies and horizons in future.

Student Name: Burhannuddin Kagalwala

Final year B. Pharm (Batch:2018 passed out)

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” That goal in my life has been to excel in Pharmacy. It has been the best thing which could ever happen to me. I am grateful to OCP who provided wings to my flight.

“Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided.” Here at OCP we do not just focus on obtaining our B.pharm degree but to excel as an healthcare professional as the health of our future generations depends on us. Excellence drives in the blood of OCP faculty, such complex concepts of pharmacy explained in such a student friendly way. Special thanks to our principal Dr. Mrs. Sudha Rathod for motivating us not only in academics but also in various extra curricular activities like sports, cultural events, quiz & poster competitions, etc. This has enabled us to not only become good students but all rounder healthcare professionals.My overall journey at OCP consisted of many ups and downs. My greatest fear in life has been failure. That has enabled me to succeed these four years of my B.pharm and now I can proudly call myself an healthcare professional.

My journey through these four years would have been impossible without such excellent faculty of OCP. Thank you OCP for providing me such a strong foundation of knowledge which will greatly help me in my future endeavours. In the end I would like to quote “The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life, the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.”

Student Name: Pratiksha Bhanger

Final year B. Pharm (Batch:2018 passed out)

As someone rightly said ” Investment in education pays best interest “. I proud to say that I made no wrong decision in selecting Oriental College of pharmacy as one of my institute for four year B. Pharma curriculum.

The four golden years of my life spent at OCP was a perfect roller coaster ride. I gain the strength to face challenges confidently and emerge out with flying colors. The care and affection with which every member of OCP family nurtured me has set deep gratitude and love for the institution. I benefitted a lot from my faculty members who were always cooperative.

OCP made me recognize my hidden potential, build on my talent and achieve great feats of success in various areas. Today I’m very proud n blessed to be a part of OCP family

Student Name: Prashant G. Upadhaya

Ph.D. Research Scholar

C/O Prof. Vandana B. Patravale

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology

Institute of Chemical Technology

N. P. Marg, Matunga, Mumbai-19, India.

Ph. No. +91 8976408258

Being associated with Oriental College of Pharmacy (Batch: 2012 passed out ), is something I cherish, more so as I have been associated with it from its formative years. It feels great to pen down my feelings for this institute. I would want to grab this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the dear professors and supporting staff who were the important pillars towards my journey in completion of my bachelors. It also feels great to see how this institute has bloomed over such short span. I wish OCP all the success in the coming years. Whenever I shall be making new strides in my career, this institute shall always be remembered by me with gratitude.

Student Name: Samee Fazal Mukadam
Brand Manager: (Vobose/Triglynase/Glycomet GP) & Nepal Market USV Ltd.

I had the most memorable time studying at OCP. The faculty was most helpful and guided me at every step in honing my core competencies. I thank all those who guided me for the wonderful experience.

There is no place like OCP to pursue a course. The enthusiastic, creative and interesting faculty makes learning at OCP a delight.While there is a lot that the real world teaches you, only a good institution can prepare you to handle those experiences and OCP played the role of my mentor.OCP broadened my perspectives, not only on subjects, but also on personal qualities like being a good listener, ethical conduct, and most importantly, being humane.

Student Name: Khan Mohammad Mohsin

I am very attached with OCP and I believe OCP has given me a new life and it will continue to do so to other students as well. The things that make OCP distinct are its culture that binds us as a family, at the same time the whole environment is highly competitive. The institution is characterized by good management administration and teaching. I have spent some of my most memorable days here and I have become good professional only because of this college. It has a very nice atmosphere to grow, very disciplined and knowledgeable Institute where anyone can learn something good. It was a pleasing experience to be part of such a reputed institute where I was able to nurture my dreams and turn them in to reality and my perspectives, not only on subjects, but also on personal qualities like being a good listener, ethical conduct, and most importantly, being humane.

Student Name: Ameesh Shukla

Graduating B. Pharm with flying colors from Oriental College of Pharmacy has helped me achieve a very important milestone to come out as a professional pharmacist. Such dreams of many students are fulfilled in this institution only because of OCP best and experienced teaching faculty and also because of highly supportive Principal Madam with their efforts to take out the best from the students.

Moreover this institution also supports in building student’s future by helping them to prepare and clear many competitive exams necessary for further higher education.

Along with this OCP provides an excellent exposure to students in terms of co-curricular activities like cultural, sports, seminars etc. Hence enables the student to excel in every possible manner.


I consider B.Pharm course at OCP as the turning point of my life. Excellent infrastructure, highly rated research oriented faculty .The most important takeaway I have from this institution is a realization of my abilities .OCP has a way to get the best out of a student. The most valuable lesson I have from my stay at OCP is that I learnt how to learn.

I owe my professional growth to OCP. I believe that OCP occupies a distinctive space in the realm of institutions of higher education. This institution offers a highly fertile ground for the unparalleled growth of next generation of professionals

Name: Firoz Gaonkar

Father of alumni Aisha F. Gaonkar (Toper of the Batch: 2005-2009)

Oriental College of Pharmacy was my daughter’s first door to success. Her journey was filled with nothing but hard work, determination and consistent performance. All throughout this journey, teachers of OCP have been a great support for her. I remember she use to study day and night, for preparation of exams. It was the teachers who gave her guidance on how and what to study. I extend my Gratitude to Amjad Sir for guiding my daughter all throughout. I would like to thank OCP for teaching my daughter to be strong, fearless, and to believe that anything is possible when you have the right people to support you.

Name: Naresh Kuche

Father of alumni Kaushik Kuche (Roll no. 18, 2012-2016 batch)

My experience with the Oriental college of pharmacy as a parent of a B.Pharm student has been excellent. The facilities provided here are state of art and are far better as compared to other institutes. The atmosphere which is maintained over here helps the students to gain the knowledge of the pharma sector in an exemplary way. Also, the faculties over here are extremely helpful having expertise in their domain.
In a nut shell, it has been a sheer pleasure to get my son admitted in this reputed institute.

BATCH: 2006 – 2010

TITLE: Assistant Manager-Intellectual Property Rights (Legal)
PLACE: Mumbai, India
COURSE: Bachelor of Pharmacy from Oriental College of Pharmacy (Mumbai University), Bachelor of Law from Thane Law College (Mumbai University)
CERTIFICATIONS:Registered Patent Agent & Trademarks Agent (Conducted by Government of India).
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Absorbed on roll of the Company on completion of Apprenticeship in recognition of continuous dedication & valuable contribution
Reward for Outstanding Performance in the year 2013 & 2014.


After Completion of Bachelor of Pharmacy from Oriental College of Pharmacy in 2010, within few months I got an opportunity to work as an Apprentice in the Patents Department in one of the top Indian Pharmaceutical Company, Piramal Enterprises Limited. In recognition of my efforts, sincerity towards work, thirst for learning more about Intellectual Property Rights & valuable contribution to the team, I was absorbed into the Roll of the Company. I continued working in the Patents Department at Piramal from 2010-2014 during which I learned a lot about New Drug Discovery i.e. from inception to launch, carried out a lot of Novelty Searches for molecules, drafted and filed numerous patent applications, handled prosecution of applications pending at various national patent offices. In 2014, I got opportunity to switch from New Drug Discovery to Generic Company, USV Private Limited where my profile was similar except that now my core profile was to look for patent space and file applications for generic formulations wherever possible. Since 2017 I am working at Indoco Remedies Limited. The opportunity here was something I couldn’t afford losing. Presently, I have the responsibility of providing support for Hatch Waxman ANDA litigation cases (US Market). My job profile also includes providing non-infringement opinions, Freedom to Operate opinions & conducting prior art searches, support to Business Development team by providing them analysis & patent status scenario in markets of interest, assisting in due diligence and in-licensing related activities.


OCP and its faculty has played an important role in providing me with the backbone for shaping up my career. The faculty at OCP has always been hard-working, genuine and helpful. The facilities at OCP has improved tremendously over time providing the best possible environment to the students to pursue their future in Pharmacy. Encouragement and guidance has always been part of the academic exercise. I owe a lot to OCP and my sincere thanks to all the faculty at the OCP. I wish that OCP may reach new heights every other day.


You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Be a student as long as you have something new to learn everyday throughout your life. The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is that little extra.

BATCH: 2006 – 2010

TITLE: Marketing Manager
CURRENTLY ASSOCIATED WITH: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
PLACE: Mumbai, India
COURSE: B-Pharm from Oriental College of Pharmacy, MBA in Marketing, Chetana’s Institute of Management Studies.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Best Presenter in 5 countries during Annual Innovators award in Roche Products India Pvt Ltd.


I belong to a family of doctors & pharmacists because of which I got admitted in B. Pharmacy in the year 2006 and completed the course in 2010. Subsequent to this I joined a company called Serdia as a Scientific Sales associate for few months and joined Chetana’s Institute of Management in Marketing in the same year (2010-2012). I started my professional journey with Roche Products India Pvt. Ltd as a Management Trainee in Oncology through on campus drive. I started with few months in sales and then joined Marketing and after 2 years I moved to Emcure Pharmaceuticals as a Product Manager in Oncology then Group Product Manager and Currently Marketing Manager responsible for devising Marketing Strategy for Emcure Oncology and executing the same with the help of a team.


OCP was one of the stepping stones towards my success as they laid the foundation for it. OCP develops you as a total personality by focusing on things apart from only theory like Sports activity, Industry Interaction etc. It has become one of the much known colleges in Mumbai thanks to the management, faculty & students. OCP has played a very important role in my life.


Dream Big! Set yourself on the path in order to achieve them!

BATCH: 2004 – 2008

TITLE: Director
PLACE: Mumbai, India
COURSE: B-Pharm from Oriental College of Pharmacy, MBA in Pharmaceutical Management from School of Business Management, NMIMS University.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Gold Medalist in Marketing Strategy at NMIMS University


I completed my bachelors in pharmacy in the year May 2008 from Oriental College of Pharmacy. After this, I pursued MBA in Pharmaceutical Management from NMIMS University 2008-2010. Through Campus placement, I joined ZydusCadila (Cadila Healthcare Ltd.) in May 2010 in the Product Management Marketing Team of their super speciality division Zydus Nephro sciences followed by promotion as Product Executive in Zydus CND Division (Cardiology &Diabetology). After gaining tremendous experiences about marketing, new launches and sales, I joined my family business of manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations in Feb 2012 till date.


In a very less time, OCP has earned a very big reputation. All thanks to the faculty. Their hard work and genuine efforts made this happen. Each and every single faculty member is so helpful and kind towards all the students of OCP. They encourage all the students in every field, whether it is studies or any other extra curriculum activity. A heart-felt thanks to the whole team of OCP.


Confident Walking is more successful than Confused Running. Follow no one, but learn from everyone.

The chief patron of OPAA Prof. Javed khan with the co-ordination and co-operation of executive members of Alumni Association established OPAA in 2011. OPAA was formed with a sole objective to help Alumni compete with the practical challenges at various pharma sectors and to benefit our budding pharmacists.

OPAA was registered on 17 Oct. 2011, bearing Registration No. MH/1624/11/Thane, under the Societies Registration Act 1860. The name and designation of Alumni Core Committee are:

No. Name Designation
1 Dr. (Mrs.) SUDHA RATHOD President
2 Dr. AMJAD ALI Secretary